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Starting a User Group? Save Time By Answering These 10 Questions First

Posted by Joshua Paul on Tue, Nov 10, 2015 @ 09:05 AM

The land on which your business completes is shifting. Product features and marketing messages no longer rule the day. According to research from analyst firm, Gartner, “89% of companies surveyed plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016.”

For many companies, user groups have long been a big part of building a stand-out customer experience. The prominence of user group communities had been overshadowed by talk of using social networks to engage customers. However, user groups never went away. In fact, user groups are once again becoming a central part of business’ customer relationship strategies.

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How to Create an Engaging User Group Community Website

Posted by Joshua Paul on Tue, Mar 04, 2014 @ 02:00 PM

The first user groups were launched in the 1950s. People using technology, such as IBM’s mainframe systems, came together into loose clubs to support each other, spread best practices, and share ideas. From the dawn of the micro-computing revolution through the proliferation of web-based software, software and technology user groups have grown in importance and numbers.

While user groups have their roots in early technological platforms, today, user groups are a major force behind the voice of customers for almost all software and technology companies. While many in the business technology arena have been members of, worked alongside, or operated on the periphery of user groups, user group management is still a fuzzy concept due to their organic origins.

  • Should your company run the user group or should it be run by your customers?
  • Can you still get the customer advocacy and product feedback benefits if your user group is not fully run by volunteers?
  • Where do you find people willing to dedicate their time to setting up your user group?
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Tags: User Group Software, User Group Management, User Community Software, Social Business, User Groups, User Community

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