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Socious’s Best New Features from 2016

Posted by Julie Dietz on Tue, Jan 03, 2017 @ 10:30 AM

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Your new smartphone is outdated almost from the moment of purchase. Almost all technology is, which is why we’re constantly working on our software, updating it to meet new standards and providing the functionality your businesses and organizations need.

We updated our MemberCloud software every week in 2016, filling requests from our customers and updating our software to provide more functionality. Many of these weekly updates were minor, but our talented developers released some major new tools as well.

Here are our biggest new feature releases from 2016, which our customers can take advantage of today.

Socious+HubSpot Integration

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In April we announced that Socious had become the world’s first customer community platform to integrate with HubSpot, a global leader in marketing and sales automation.

The integration allows HubSpot customers to combine demographic and transactional data from their HubSpot platform with online behavioral data from their Socious customer portal. The resulting combination of information provides an unprecedented view of customer’ interests, priorities and concerns.

Top companies can use that data to improve their customer marketing, sales, and engagement tactics. For instance, by targeting customers whose behavior indicates they’re interested in another product, companies can send customers a customized message encouraging them to make the purchase. The result is a personalized experience that increases customer engagement and revenue.

MemberCloud All-In-One Association Management Software

Until 2016, Socious had been known primarily for providing an industry-leading online community platform for businesses and associations. But in May of last year we shook up the industry by adding MemberCloud AMS to our product line.

MemberCloud AMS is an all-in-one membership management platform that includes everything association executives and staff need to run their organizations. MemberCloud comes complete with a:

  • Membership database
  • Private member community
  • Full event and conference management system
  • Survey engine
  • Content management system
  • Targeted email engine
  • Reporting and analytics

By combining all the top tools that membership organizations use into a single platform, MemberCloud helps associations save time and money by reducing the number of systems they need to buy and learn. MemberCloud also gives members more tools and engagement opportunities than any other AMS on the market, so they get more value for their money.

Association Management Services

To complement our new AMS software, we launched a full suite of professional services. Our services lineup includes:

  • Managed AMS
  • Community Strategy and Management
  • Event Management
  • Design and Technical Services

Each of our association management services is designed to save you time so you can focus on your areas of expertise. For example, our Managed AMS service takes the grunt work of database management off the shoulders of your membership director. Instead of updating names and addresses, she can focus on delivering more value to your members and growing your association.

Engagement Dashboards

Data should be accessible and easily intelligible for everyone, not just analysts. That drove the release of Socious’s new Engagement Dashboards in June. Engagement Dashboards are a set of charts and graphs that illustrate your members’ activity over time.

Logins, blogs viewed and published, and the most search terms in your private member community are all included in the dashboards. You can even see the most popular pages members visit within the system, all illustrated in easy-to-read graphs. To get more detailed, point-by-point data all you have to do is toggle over to table view, and you’ll have organized lists of engagement data.

Many of our customers are already using Engagement Dashboards to determine what content members are most interested in as well as pinpoint their most engaged members. These engaged members are prime upgrade and upsell opportunities, and often make excellent volunteer leaders.

Wistia video thumbnail - Engagement Dashboard and Metrics Bar

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Metrics Bar

The Engagement Dashboard gives a comprehensive overview of how involved your entire membership is, but what about individuals? We released the Metrics Bar to help organizations quickly see the major actions and activities that single members have performed.

A unique Metrics Bar is located on each of your members’ profiles, showing association executives and staff:

  • How many times the member has logged in to your Socious system, including the dates of their first and last logins
  • The number of forum posts the member has published as well as their topic subscriptions
  • File accesses
  • Lifetime and year-to-date spend at your organization
  • Event registrations
  • Engagement level

By simply glancing at the Metrics Bar, your staff can quickly determine how involved individual members are in your organization. The most engaged members can then be tapped for top volunteer activities or upgrade opportunities.

Engagement Levels

Wistia video thumbnail - Engagement Levels

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Our Engagement Levels feature was released after our Engagement Dashboard and Metrics Bar, but it is many of our customers’ favorite new analytics features. Engagement Levels is a visual representation of your membership’s participation in your private community and membership software.

The feature tracks and graphs your members’ activities, adding them up to show how highly engaged members are. Each engagement level in the graph can be customized for your organization depending on what activities are important to you. For instance, a member logging in to your system may be less important than posting in a discussion forum or using one of your online benefits.

Activities can be tracked as far back as a year to show you how your members’ engagement shifts over time. That helps many of our customers determine how well their long-term engagement strategies are performing, as well as identify the major events, such as industry changes, that influence their members.

Attendee Center

Wistia video thumbnail - The Socious Attendee Center

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Our most recent update, the Attendee Center, was another of 2016’s most popular releases. We built mobile-optimized Attendee Center to function similarly to an event app for conference attendees, providing them with mobile tools on any modern internet enabled device. It works on everything from desktops to smartphones and can save organizations tens of thousands of dollars on an event app.

Socious's attendee center lets event attendees personalize their schedules and network with their peers from any device.Anyone who is registered for your organization’s conference and logged in to the Socious system can use the Attendee Center. They can review information such as the event’s schedule, session descriptions, and speaker bios as well as customize their personal agenda using one-click options to add or remove sessions.

The Attendee Center goes above and beyond standard event app agenda tools, however. It also allows users to take notes on sessions and add new connections to their community network. All notes are automatically organized into a single document by session, which is available from any device.

New connections and networking opportunities are also available on any device through your organization’s private member community. The community keeps connections organized so contact information is never lost or forgotten, turning your event’s networking potential into a long-term benefit.

MemberCloud’s Newest Features

Last year we released more than half a dozen major new features that have been a hit with our loyal customers as well as those who have just started using Socious. We plan to continue that trend of innovation to keep our customers current with the latest technology and functionality into 2017 and beyond.

You can expect frequent updates to continue, along with several larger pieces of new functionality released throughout the year. If you have any thoughts about the updates we’ve done so far, please let us know in the comments. And, if you have any requests for new features, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear your ideas.

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