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Socious VP of Marketing and Strategy to Head HubSpot User Group

Posted by Julie Dietz on Fri, Sep 30, 2016 @ 10:30 AM

Joshua Paul will lead the Phoenix HubSpot User Group in 2017Socious’s Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Joshua Paul, has been asked to lead the Phoenix Inbound Marketing HubSpot User Group (HUG) for 2017. As a HUG leader, Josh will organize events that drive both learning, HubSpot software expertise, and build community in the valley’s inbound marketing industry.

The Phoenix HUG is dedicated to helping HubSpot software users learn not only the platform’s tools, but also enable marketers to educate and inspire their audiences with helpful content. A long-time user of HubSpot software and an expert inbound marketer, Josh is an ideal candidate to lead the HUG.

“I was hooked on HubSpot and inbound marketing the moment I learned that you could use helpful content to inspire and educate audiences instead of just giving them a hard sell,” Josh said. “I’ve been using the software and methodology for over 6 years. I haven’t looked back.”

Considered an expert inbound marketer and strategist, Josh is new to the Phoenix area. He moved to the valley in 2015 from Washington DC, where he co-lead the Washington DC HubSpot User Group. Josh is working closely with the Phoenix HUG’s current leaders, Elyse Meyer and Todd Speranzo.

Elyse Meyer, Founder of Prism Global Marketing and co-host of the Phoenix HUG, has experience with entrepreneurs, international marketing, and marketing for Fortune 500 companies. Todd Speranzo, Vice President of Marketing for Avella Specialty Pharmacy and co-host of the Phoenix HUG, is an expert in corporate branding, marketing and tactical plans.

For the past four years, Elyse and Todd have worked together to build the HUG into a vibrant community. The group is now filled with marketing professionals dedicated to helping and educating consumers on the best emerging products and services. When Elyse steps down from her leadership role at the end of this year, she will leave behind one of the most active HubSpot user groups in the country.

“Having built an entire marketing and sales operation on the HubSpot platform, I have been deeply involved in the HubSpot community for years,” Josh said. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to move forward with a new community and help build a sense of connection between marketing professionals in the Phoenix area.”

Josh is already actively attending and assisting with HUG meetings today and is looking forward to formally taking on his leadership role next year. His main goals are to foster a sense of community and help HUG members grow their organizations through inbound marketing.

What is the Phoenix HUG?

The Phoenix HUG is centered around the development of local marketing professionals and HubSpot software users, fondly known as HubSpotters. Its three focuses are connecting, educating, and empowering marketers from around the valley with the latest inbound marketing methods.

A volunteer organization, the Phoenix HUG meets several times a year for presentations from local marketers and discussion on best practices. Tips and tricks, expert advice, and professional connections are exchanged at every meeting.

Interested in Joining?

The Phoenix HUG isn’t exclusively for HubSpot software users. If you’re a marketing professional interested in using inbound marketing to educate your audience, then Josh, Elyse, and Todd would love to welcome you to the community. You can learn more about the Phoenix HUG and upcoming events here.

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