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Socious Releases Anticipated New Engagement Dashboards

Posted by Julie Dietz on Tue, Jun 21, 2016 @ 10:00 AM


Our talented developers are consistently working to create new features and provide the most up-to-date functionality for our customers, and we’re especially excited about what they’ve been working on lately. One of the anticipated new features that our team recently completed, Engagement Dashboards, rolled out to customers last week.


We first announced Engagement Dashboards at our annual customer conference in May, along with a series of other developments, such as segments, that will be released over the course of the summer.

Engagement Dashboards are our latest tool designed to help you measure and analyze member engagement. They include counts of many of the top tasks performed in your MemberCloud association management and community software, so you can quickly understand how your members are performing high-value activities.

Socious Engagement Dashboards

A series of easy-to-view graphs on a single page provides the crucial information you need to determine your members’ engagement level, as well as the type of content that they enjoy. Some of the activities that you can quickly and easily view in our Engagement Dashboards include user logins, popular search terms, blog views, and your most visited CMS pages, just to name a few.

Visual representations of data in graphs make engagement levels easy to understand in less time. For those who want in-depth, exact data, simply mouse over points on the graph to see the number of members who completed that activity at that point in time.

Engagement Dashboards exact data mouse over

The graphs not only tell you the number of members who performed the activities, but the number of distinct users who performed activities. This is an extra layer of insight that you can use to see if you had a smaller amount of people who participated, but did so multiple times, versus a large group of participants who performed an activity only once.

Both unique and repeat activity data can be used to spot trends in member engagement and content preference. You should see spikes in your graphs every time you send out member communication, for example, because members will be reminded or your organization and log in to view your latest updates and benefits.

We’re particularly excited that Engagement Dashboards also make it easy to spot trends you weren’t expecting. Was there a sudden surge in your graphs? Either your organization did something that encouraged members to participate, or something happened in your industry that made your services even more useful. Find out what caused that surge, and you can use that information to improve your member benefits and content.

Content can be optimized further by reviewing popular search terms and CMS pages. If large numbers of members are searching for event information in your MemberCloud system, then events are something they’re interested in. You can create more content around events to keep them interested and engaged.

Engagement Dashboards table view

Other functions included in Engagement Dashboards are the ability to filter by time frame, and the option to quickly switch to table view. Switching to table view instantly gives you all the data from the graphs, and is ideal for copying and pasting into spreadsheets for further analysis.

We’re excited about helping associations get quick insights about their members using Engagement Dashboards. Take advantage of their graphs or charts to get to know your members, or quickly show your team changes in member engagement. Trends and sharp changes in the graphs will help your team understand member needs and how they can help engage members more. They’re simple, highly effective tools that put information at your fingertips.

Engagement Dashboards are just the tip of the iceberg, as we announced at our customer conference. Engagement Dashboards and other new functionality, including engagement levels, will be updated and rolled out over the course of the year to provide even more tools for our customers.

Socious customers can learn about their Engagement Dashboards with videos and other resources in the customer support website.

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