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Socious Gets Ready for Thanksgiving with a Local Food Drive

Posted by Julie Dietz on Fri, Nov 18, 2016 @ 02:40 PM

Socious's Thanksgiving Food Drive-1.jpgTeam Stuffington is in the lead.

We’re not sure exactly how much food they’ve collected thus far, but they’re a mile ahead of our other office teams. Those of us who aren’t part of Team Stuffington aren’t too worried, though. We expect a surge of donations near the end of the food drive.

Our annual Socious food drive started just last year and has quickly become a tradition that brings our office together even more so than our usual culture-building activities. It’s our way of getting ahead of the curve to give back to our community before Thanksgiving.

We officially kicked off this year’s food drive last week by dividing the office into five teams. The team that collects the most canned goods, by weight, wins.

With the competition in full swing, cans of corn, jars of peanut butter, and even a few full cases of vegetables have shown up in the collection boxes. These canned goods will be combined with cash donations, which will be used to buy fresh fruit and vegetables for those in need.

Everything we collect will be donated to Arizona’s United Food Bank. United Food Bank is located less than a mile from our Mesa headquarters, so most of the canned goods we collect will be distributed right in our backyard.

United Food Bank is also part of the Association of Arizona Food Banks, which works with food banks around the state to ensure that every location has enough donations. If any other food banks have a more pressing need for our donations, United Food Bank will share what we’ve collected with them.

Helping individuals and families in need in our own neighborhood is one of the reasons our food drive has become so popular. It’s one of our favorite ways to lead up to the Thanksgiving holiday because we know how fortunate we are and would like to pay that forward.

At Socious, we’re regularly grateful for what we have and we’re reflecting on that as we collect donations and count down to Thanksgiving.

We’re thankful for all the new faces added to the Socious team this year along with our brand new offices, complete with sweeping views of Phoenix. But first and foremost, we’re grateful for our amazing customers and the missions they support. They work year-round to improve their industries, as well asthe lives of their customers or members.

So as Thanksgiving creeps up on us next week, we’d like to extend a grateful thank you to all our loyal customers. We’re honored to have you with us and we’d love to hear what you’re grateful for this year as well as how you’re getting into the giving spirit.

For those who are interested in donating to their local food banks here in Arizona, you can visit the Association of Arizona Food Banks to find out more. For information on food banks across the country, visit Feeding America.

From all of us here at Socious, happy early Thanksgiving.

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