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How Socious is Bringing the Future of Customer Marketing to INBOUND

Posted by Nick Davis on Thu, Nov 03, 2016 @ 10:30 AM


According to most research, including this report from oursocialtimes.com, it is much cheaper for companies to market to, sell to, and retain current customers than it is to attract and close new customers.

However, while most companies that we talk to say that expanding their business with current customers is a high priority, they also admit to putting much of their marketing and sales focus on bring in new business.

They either call into their customers’ accounts every quarter to tell them about another random product offering, or they periodically check-up on them via email.

This is where Socious’s integration with HubSpot comes in.

Earlier this year, we rolled out the world’s first HubSpot integration with a customer portal/community. With this integration companies are able to sell more, increase retention, and improve customer advocacy.

By connecting Socious with HubSpot, companies are now able to combine the activity and transactional data in their CRM and marketing software with the behavioral data stored in their customer portal and community software. When you combine this data, you are able to build out a complete customer profile that includes demographic, transactional, and activity data.

You can use customers’ past actions to predict future buying decisions.

This gives marketers, sales people, account managers, or really anyone who is interacting with your customers a crystal ball into what your customers are thinking about. By giving your teams a clearer understanding of customers’ motivations, priorities and challenges in real time, you’re able to get the right message in front of the right person at the right time.

Next week, we are excited to be taking this solution straight to HubSpot’s INBOUND Conference in Boston, the largest gathering of inbound marketers and sales professionals in the world, to give people a look at the future of customer marketing.

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