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Major Upgrade to Socious’s Event and Conference Software Platform Goes Live

Posted by Julie Dietz on Tue, Dec 13, 2016 @ 03:07 PM

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We’re ringing in December with the release of one of our favorite new event and conference management tools – something we’re sure you’ll love – the Attendee Center. The Attendee Center is a fully unified digital experience that delivers event information across smartphones, tablets, and computers.

People are always on the go when they attend events, so they need event information that moves with them. Our new Attendee Center lets event and conference attendees access information anywhere, at any time, on any device.

How You Could Save You ThousandsSocious's Event Attendee Center provides information on any device.

The Attendee Center gives our clients’ customers and members all the event information they need, but it’s not just for event attendees. It’s also a tool that organizations can use to replace standalone event apps, which often cost tens of thousands of dollars.

In the past, businesses and associations provided mobile conference tools with native apps. However, apps that cost multiple thousands of dollars don’t make sense for many events. To give our customers the same functionality without the cost, we built all the key elements of mobile event apps in the Attendee Center. It provides the same service as most apps without the financial pressure.

In fact, we don’t think there should be any pressure at all. That’s why we released the Attendee Center to all our customers completely free of charge.

Simple Set Up

Any current and future Socious customers can easily use the Attendee Center for any of their events. Set up is quick and easily, usually taking less than 20 minutes to complete.

Event information and brand colors are automatically pulled from each organization’s Socious-hosted website or online community. Businesses and associations can then further configure design and customize information, including incorporating sponsor advertisements.

Attendee Functionality

Socious's Attendee Center provides essential event information on computers, tablets, and laptops.Every registered event attendee can log in to the Attendee Center to access event information on any modern internet-enabled device. They can also customize their experience using the Attendee Center’s tools on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

In the Attendee Center, conference-goers can:

  • View the full event agenda to add or remove sessions from their personal schedule
  • Review a comprehensive list of event emails sent to them so important information is never lost or accidentally deleted
  • Take notes on sessions directly through the Attendee Center
  • View speaker information, search for other attendees, and use networking tools to connect with experts and peers
  • Use surveys to submit feedback and ideas for future events
  • Stay in touch with the peers and experts they meet by adding them to their network

Customization and convenience tools are two of the fundamentals of the Attendee Center. During development we really dug into what our customers and their event attendees wanted and found that people don’t just want a mobile experience. They want unprecedented convenience. That drove a lot of the functionality we built into the Attendee Center, including email and note tools.

One-click access to event emails lets event attendees access any event email they’ve been sent, even if they’ve deleted it from their regular inbox. There’s no more digging or frustration when it comes to finding old emails, all attendees need to do is visit the Attendee Center.

Attendees can also use the Notes feature to take notes on sessions directly though the Attendee Center. All notes, even those made on different devices, will be combined into a single document organized by session. That’s a step beyond what your attendees expect.

“It’s that ‘wow’ factor that so many of our clients are looking for,” said Joshua Paul, Socious’s VP of Marketing and Strategy.

See the Attendee Center in Action

Since the Attendee Center is built on top of our MemberCloud platform’s event and conference management toolset, its functionality goes beyond what is provided by many other mobile tools, including full-fledged apps that have limited integration points with attendee and event data.

The Attendee Center is fully functional on all major internet-enabled devices and is included in our MemberCloud association management and online community software at no extra charge.

We’re always thrilled to make this type of technology available to our clients. You can learn more about the tools included in our MemberCloud association management software and online community platform by taking a video tour.

If you’d like to see the Attendee Center in action, schedule time to talk with one of our specialists.

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