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How the Socious + HubSpot Integration Works (and Why Marketers Will Love It)

Posted by Julie Dietz on Mon, Apr 18, 2016 @ 08:30 AM

How does the Socious HubSpot integration work and why will marketers love it?

The Socious headquarters office, here in Arizona, has been buzzing with anticipation over our customer portal platform’s integration with HubSpot for weeks, and now that it has gone live we’re even more excited.

Now, in addition to the Socious customer portal and community platform helping customers and companies come together to solve problems, share ideas, and collaborate on new solutions, your customer portal’s activity data can be used to develop a systematic upsell, cross-sell, retention, and advocacy strategy through HubSpot.

Many of your questions about the joint solution were answered by Socious’s VP of Marketing and Strategy, Joshua Paul, as soon as the integration was announced. We learned how the HubSpot/Socious integration combines data from a customer portal or online community with CRM and HubSpot data, creating a comprehensive picture of the entire customer journey.

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Such a detailed picture of actionable customer intelligence is ideal for businesses that want long-term relationships with customers because it provides a systematic way to sell more to existing customers, nurture brand advocates, and improve retention.

We appreciate all of the question that people like you have sent us over the past week about Socious’s integration with HubSpot, such as what unique benefits the Socious platform brings to the table in the HubSpot ecosystem.

Joshua Paul took a few extra minutes to tell us everything we wanted to know about Socious and the HubSpot integration.

What’s in it for Your Customers?

Customer experience is increasingly a differentiating factor to both acquire and retain customers. With Socious’s customer portal platform, we try to make the experience for your customers simple and straightforward, but give them an array of ways to engage with your company and with each other. Through the HubSpot integration, customer activity data from your customer portal can now be pulled into HubSpot.

Each person who has access to your customer portal will have a unique secure login ID and password. If you have another customer-facing web application, Socious can be set up a single sign-on to all of your systems, so that customers only need one login.

Once logged in, customer have a host of ways that they can engage. They can get tips from customer-only blogs and read the latest product announcements. Customers can share ideas and get their questions answered by your support staff and by other customers using the portal’s discussion forums. Customers can also find and connect with experts in your community.

Many of your customers will even build their personal brand as an expert on your solutions, by publishing content, answering customer questions, and uploading helpful documents and videos. These engagement opportunities are only the beginning. Your customers can register for customer events and training, submit and collaborate on product enhancements, take customer surveys, and participate in local user groups – all from your customer portal.

The Socious customer portal platform is designed to give customers a personal online experience, so that the content, discussions, and people are highly relevant and valuable. This means that customers only see information and engagement opportunities that are related to their products, role, and interests.

From the moment they log in to the email communication they receive, your customers will get information geared toward their company and goals. As a result, your customers will be able to find the answer they are looking for faster because they won’t have to wade through product documentation and discussions that don’t pertain to them.

In addition, you can leverage HubSpot’s smart call-to-action and smart content along with the behavioral information from your customer portal to display even more personalized content and offers throughout your customer portal and website.

Though the Socious customer portal platform has more engagement features than any other customer portal or community on the market, it will probably not replace all of your customer-facing tools. That’s why Socious’s flexible user interface engine makes it easy to link to all of your other systems from your Socious customer portal using single sign-on.

Gone are the days when customers need over a half dozen different logins to access your support ticketing system, knowledgebase, customer community, event registration, and learning management system. Socious is the single hub where your customers can access all of the platforms they need to be successful with your products and services.

Though it is not apparent to your people using your customer portal, their activity is being logged and analyzed by your HubSpot system. This activity data can then be used to create workflows, pinpoint specific people to receive email campaigns, and as customer intelligence for your sales and support teams.

What Does it Take to Manage the Socious Customer Portal (with HubSpot Integration)?

The Socious/HubSpot integration is a simple two-click integration that can be set up by Socious implementation managers. It’s easy, fast, and can bring tremendous results.

After implementation, Socious has several options to help you manage your customer portal and get customers to use it. If you have a full customer marketing and community management team, your dedicated Socious client manager will work alongside you to make sure you are getting the most from your customer portal.

However, if you are worried about having the people or the expertise to manage your customer community, Socious has experienced customer engagement pros on hand to coordinate your customer communication, manage the portal’s content and design, and get customers engaging with each other – all under your direction.

Socious’s services range from helping with the technical or administrative side of running your customer portal to customer engagement coaching or even full, outsourced community management. We are flexible in the ways that we can help you depending on your capabilities, comfort, and objectives.

Socious Customer Portal Benefits and Management Takeaway

The power of an engaging customer portal or online community is hard for us to downplay, but we know it’s not just about engagement – it’s about the business impact and what you do with your engaged customers.

With the HubSpot integration, users can take full advantage of both HubSpot and the Socious portal. By combining customer activity data with HubSpot and CRM information to drive innovative sales and marketing processes for your current customers.

Our ultimate goal? To help you reach your retention, advocacy, and sales goals by building stronger relationships and ensuring your customers are more connected to your business than ever before.

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