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How the Socious + HubSpot Integration Changes Customer Marketing

Posted by Julie Dietz on Wed, Apr 13, 2016 @ 08:30 AM

socious customer portal hubspot marketing software integration

At Socious, we’re thrilled to launch one of our most innovative integrations to date: a HubSpot integration.

The integration has customer experience, personalization, and business growth at its heart. It combines marketing technology that is traditionally focused on attracting and converting new customers, with Socious’s customer portal and community platform to create a systematic way to sell more to your customer base, recruit new customer advocates, and improve customer retention.


Where other systems often stop short of providing ongoing information that companies need about customers’ interests, pain points, and development, the Socious/HubSpot integration steps in. It uses continuing activity data from your customer portal, combined with data from HubSpot and CRM systems, to provide a comprehensive picture of your customers’ needs.

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That big picture, along with details on customer interests and current priorities, can be leveraged to create highly relevant communication for customers. Along with providing an exceptional experience for buyers, the Socious/HubSpot integration increases retention, sales, and advocacy opportunities for you.

With an emphasis on extending relationships and reaching key business goals, this integration is a unique, powerful solution to common enterprise problems.

Socious’s VP of Marketing and Strategy, Joshua Paul, sat down to answer some of the most pressing questions about Socious’s exciting new HubSpot integration.

Why Did Socious Launch this Integration?

Most businesses realize the importance of creating strong relationships with customers after they initially become customers. Their business models typically rely on customers doing certain things after their initial purchase – from getting trained and using their product to buying additional solutions and telling others about the company. However, there are disproportionately fewer solutions to help companies sell more to and retain their customers than there are to attract and acquire new customers. We took one giant leap toward fixing that with our HubSpot integration.

As a customer portal software provider, we’ve been using HubSpot, one of the leading marketing and sales platforms, for over five years with great success. HubSpot’s feature set and ease-of-use is unmatched in giving sales and marketing pros the tools they need to bring leads through the buying process, and several people in our marketing and sales organization are considered experts on the platform and in inbound marketing and sales.

Integrating Socious’s customer portal platform with HubSpot brings that automation power and customer intelligence to the cross-selling and customer retention areas of your business. When you combine the activity data from your customer portal, the information you have about your customers in your marketing and CRM software, and HubSpot’s real-time marketing automation and personalization tools, you can create a systematic approach to providing customers the information they need at the time that they need it.

With such a well-oiled machine in place, you can better identify and alert your account management team of new sales or retention opportunities among your customers.

How Does This Change the Customer Marketing Space?

Traditional CRM data gives sales, support, and marketing professionals a lot of information about who their customer is (demographic data) and what they bought (transactional data). The HubSpot/Socious adds an important customer intent dimension to the mix.

When you combine demographic and transactional information with behavioral data from your customer portal and online customer community, people responsible for cross-selling, customer retention, and advocacy have a much clearer window into your customers' priorities, challenges, and current mindset.

It is like having a crystal ball into your customers’ interests, frustrations, and goals. You can then use that information to trigger custom email messages, inform account management calls, and even personalize their experience on your website or in your customer portal with calls-to-action that are specific to their frame of mind.

Setting this joint solution up is very easy. Once the point-and-click integration is in place, the activity data from your customer portal will show up in your HubSpot contact timeline instantly when people visit your portal.

Who is This an Ideal Solution for?

In the same way that not all businesses need a customer portal, the Socious/HubSpot joint solution is not a great fit for all businesses. If your company doesn’t rely on ongoing relationships with customers, then the customer intelligence features and automated relationship-building tools might not be a fit for you. Transactional businesses, like most retail, don’t usually need a central destination to send their customers after they become customers.

However, if your business model relies on repeat business, customer retention, and expanded sales from your current customers in the form of cross-sell products, upgrades, and add-on services, you’re going to need a way to identify opportunities in your customer base and proactively reach out to disengaged customers. For these businesses, the Socious/HubSpot integration provides a unique opportunity to improve the customer experience and optimize current customer marketing and sales techniques.

Since only HubSpot Enterprise customers have the ability to segment lists based on analytics events, only those organizations will get the full capabilities of this integration.

What Does it Take to Set Up the Socious/HubSpot Integration?

Integrating your HubSpot account with your Socious platform couldn’t be easier. Once you enter a couple pieces of information, like your Hub ID, you’ll click on the customer portal activities that you want to show up in your HubSpot timeline and list-building criteria. The best part is that your Socious implementation manager can set up the integration for you, including adding your HubSpot tracking code to your customer portal, so that you’re all set from day one.

Socious/HubSpot Integration Takeaway

With ongoing activity data from your customer portal platform, CRM, and HubSpot you can consistently personalize customer communication, identify at-risk customers, and pinpoint the best opportunities for upselling and advocacy within your current customer base. We’ve made the integration easy to set up, simple to use, and incredibly effective.

The possibilities of our favorite new integration are huge, and we couldn’t be more excited to share them with you.

Free Pre-Call Checklist for Selling to Your Customer Base

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