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Big List of Online Community Strategy and Management Tips

Posted by Joshua Paul on Mon, Jan 06, 2014 @ 12:25 PM

Private Online Community Management

You arrive at your desk each morning with ten impossible things to do before noon. Fires need immediate attention, deadlines get moved up, and priorities change.

This means that you don’t always have the time to take advantage of the online community, member engagement, and customer management tips on the Socious online community blog.

We get it and we try to bring the most insightful gems to your attention through social networks and our email newsletter.

Occasionally, we provide a full list of the articles that you may have missed.

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At Socious, we looking forward to continuing to provide relevant and useful information on how to plan, launch, and manage your organization's private online customer or member community.

So that you don’t miss this helpful advice, here are some simple ways to stay connected to Socious.

Lastly, if there is something you’d like to see on the Socious online community blog or if there is a specific question or challenge that you would like us to address, feel free to reach out to us on social networks or asked a question on Socious.com.

Toolkit: How to Create an Online Community Content Plan

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