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10 Tips for Better Conferences Using Mobile and Online Communities

Posted by Joshua Paul on Thu, Mar 17, 2011 @ 10:25 AM

Using Online Communites and Mobile Apps for Better Conferences

Socious recently hosted a webinar on how mid-sized and large organizations can hold more successful conferences using online communities and mobile technology. It focused on driving attendance, engaging members during the conference, and increasing revenue and momentum coming out of the conference. These are the slides from the webinar:

Here are some of the tips for improving your meeting's performance before, during, and after the conference:

  1. Before the conference, provide valuable content (not just promotional information) to prospective attendees and registrants to get them excited about your conference.
  2. Add your conference marketing messages inside existing communication channels rather than fighting the tide to create new online destinations.
  3. Use your email marketing and social media outposts to drive visitors to your website and online community.
  4. During the conference, use your conference mobile app to help attendees stay connected with your organization throughout the event.
  5. Be sure that your mobile conference app is capability of more than viewing information. Allow attendees to interact with speakers, organizers, and other attendees who contribute comments.
  6. Use the social features of your mobile event app to enable attendees to engage one another through their phones during your conference.
  7. After the conference, extend the conference content to generate revenue and excitement.
  8. Promote discussion of hot conference topics in your online community.
  9. Create significant revenue through a vendor program.
  10. Use the momentum coming out of your conference to gain ground on other organizational goals.

You can get detailed explanations of these tips by watching the full webinar on-demand.

Free Webinar-On-Demand - Using Online Communities and Mobile Apps to Hold More Successful Conferences

Watch It NowLearn how you can drive attendance, increase engagement during the meeting, and take the momentum of the conference into your next initiative.

Watch this Video Today!

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